The Concept of Learning

Suppose you’re an atheist. One day one of your friend who is a strong believer argue with you that your thinking is not true as you don’t believe in God. He scraps over the existence of God but you are exactly opposite to him. You believe in the universal energy, but not in the creator. So there’s a tremendous conflict between you and him. You believe that the only universe exists, but he believes that God is omnipresent in the whole universe. So what to do to solve the matter?

The real truth is that both the persons are fighting on the same thing that exists. Only they named it differently. One calls it ‘God’ and the other calls it ‘Universe’. That’s it. You as an atheist, understand and experience the life in an atheist’s way and he, by a believer’s. Even though the knowledge and the syllabus are same, but because of the difference in the way of learning, the argument occurs.

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Similarly, the popular way of school classes for education won’t work for somebody like me. Although, many students are comfortable with that. But here I also must say that if you exclude 10 students who are unable to understand the concepts by the standard method, the all remaining 90 will neither comfortable with the same, because everyone is different and can’t learn the things by the same method. The remaining 90 will include these breeds of students –

Bookworm Crammers –ย The students who only want marks and a standard ragged lifestyle.

Backbenchers –ย The students who are not really interested in the study, but may have the potential to do much better in any other field like sports.

Perfect Students –ย The students who are the perfect fit for the traditional method of teaching. The number of these students in a class is generally low.

I just excluded 10 here, but there’s a huge diversity in a class of 100 normal students excluding bookworm crammers and backbenchers. Every single head thinks differently and has a different point of views, so their learning methods also vary.

There may be millions of students in the world who really want to gain knowledge, but the common methods of teaching keeping them negative that they can’t learn anything. I have not a proof, but I believe that at least 50 out of hundred students actually compel themselves to become familiar with the mundane standards. This somehow is the reason of the decay of creativity from the young generation.

However, some of them are extremely lucky that they understand themselves and find their own way of learning. They unleash themselves from the boundaries and the limitations of the school or colleges. Students like this, learn a million times more than a typical school student I think. They become more and more wiser in every aspect of life. These are those persons who are known as “Creative” in the world.

Learning or gaining knowledge has no specific pattern or method. The universities are too slow for learning. The schools are too strict for the kids that they could flash their own imagination. I personally believe that nothing can be learned as long as you are imprisoned in the four walls of schools or universities because knowledge is not a being that could keep in a building. It’s a subject kind of thing. It’s like the air or the light of the sun which is present everywhere. There are no scales to measure knowledge, intelligence or learning. There are no marks or certificates who can show the learning ability.

In my own life, I’m actually not continuing any studies. I just finished my school in 2017. After that, there’s nothing at all related to studies. But I got everything related to learning. I don’t know if I’m going the right way through, but that’s what life told me in the last 2 years. That’s what I learned!

If you have nothing left in your life to do. Start experimenting with your life to know what works for you.

The truth is that everyone has to find out what works for him to learn or to do anything and it totally depends on his so far life experience, perspectives, thinking, and actions. Nobody can teach, nobody can learn until they start exploring life and experimenting with it. Thomas Addison tried 10,000 times to find the right filament for a bulb, but he never failed in his life. He just did the experiments all his life and he learned from those experiments. He found the true way of getting knowledge, the true way of learning.

If anyone has to find that what works for him, he got to do experiments with his life. All you need to have is faith and courage to do this. The people who don’t have these traits, settle with the comfortable routine of the world and become ‘private limited’. There are two ways to go, choose according to your strength!

This is not the criticism. This is the realization that whatever you are doing, whatever you are learning and wherever you are learning, learn it by determination, learn it with a persistency, establish a connection with it. In short,…….love what you do.

Thanks a lot for reading!

B. M.


  1. While I agree with the idea that school’s method may not resonate with everyone, I still believe that they are extremely important. One of the reasons is because it at least provides us with a parameter on what’s important information a person should have to move ahead. And that is in my opinion important.

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    1. It didn’t….at least for me…๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚…
      But yeah may be the information is important to move forward….๐Ÿ™‚
      Thank you so much for your time to share the opinion…๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—โคโค….


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