There’s no privacy

Many of the people don’t like to give out any personal information to strangers. They think their information could be misused in one way or another. Am I right? But have you ever thought that why we give this information so quickly to the internet companies like Google, Facebook or Instagram? Knowing the fact that they keep this information forever?………

I saw many people on the internet and in real life that they are too much concerned about their private information. I keep on my experiments with it and ask people to tell their Instagram or Twitter handles, and what I found is that many people simply say that they do not use Instagram or Twitter or whatever (Oh really?). I wonder that why they have such kind of attitude? Maybe they want to keep themselves Private. But where is the Privacy? Where?……. Is there any privacy on the internet?πŸ€”πŸ€”……..

The Facebook is stealing the users’ data. Twitter handles keep hacking, millions of Quora users’ data got stolen. The Weather Channel apps are selling the users’ location information to advertising companies. Google keeps your every single detail in their data centers. Where is Privacy? What are you thinking?

Every single user on the internet is being used by the companies to earn the profit and they target everyone by their ad banners. Your personal information is being used for business. It’s almost like you’re being sold door to door just like a prostitute. I remember I read an article about user data just a few months ago and I come to know that in dark web, you can buy personal data as low as 5 $ per user. I mean it is real cheap. I don’t know where I read that, but it was one of the recognized sites on the internet.

Another story I want to share is that I also saw some people on Instagram who have their phone numbers on their profile, but if you ask them to give their phone number (just in case if you’re some kind of friends) they simply deny it. Not gonna name them, but I did this experiment with some. As a result, I got blocked.πŸ˜„…… I’m amazed that what they are thinking or doing or behaving like this? Do they have any kind of fear of misuse? If I were really wanted to misuse the number, I never would ask for it.

Privacy nowadays is not more than an illusion. Your information could be misused so easily. It depends on the attackers if you’re useful to them or not. And if you’re not, then you’re 100% safe, otherwise, you’re 100% unsafe, no matter how complex passwords you use.πŸ˜‰……..

So what do you think about Privacy? Do you agree with me? Or you have some different opinion?Β 

Please share it in the comments.

And beware of Mark Zuckerberg!😜

Thank you!

B. M.


  1. A family member in the telecommunications industry, both research and development in the past, and now sales and product development, said if you have any type of account anywhere, on or off the internet, you can be hacked and your personal information misused.
    He said the only way to have privacy is living off the grid in a third world country where there is no such thing as a birth or death certificate (let alone an account). EVERYTHING IS ACCESSIBLE (if you know how to access it).

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    1. You got this…. πŸ‘
      That’s the point….
      Everything is accessible…
      No matter how hard you try to save yourself on the internet. Now matter how expensive antivirus you buy…!!
      They can be cracked!!… (Easily, I bet)..
      Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts.
      It means a lot to me…. ☺☺


  2. Yesterday, an ad showed up in Facebook because I had saved a website as a favorite in my web browser. So, I took a look at Facebook ad settings. (Yes, I have to use Facebook for work – otherwise it would be gone.) Months ago, I revoked all of it’s permissions from my phone. The amount of information they have about you is mind-blowing. It knows I travel a lot. And, it know my income bracket. How? What file(s) did it read to determine that piece of information. I have spent a fair amount of time yesterday and today not allowing Facebook to share my data, they cannot share my activity, and tweaking my interests to a very few items. Facebook’s pop up box when I disallow stuff says; you want see less ad and the ads wont be relevant. My thought is Good!

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  3. I was gobsmacked when some friends of ours stated calmly that they “had accepted that they would never have privacy in the world of technology.” At the time, I thought they were being dramatic. Now… Well, I’m shocked by own naivete. Advertising = money, and money is what the companies want. We’re just the cattle to feed their wallets. I freaking loathe that.

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    1. That’s the bitter truth!!…
      This is the only illusion Google has created for us that “Your information is secure”. Yeah it’s secure and spread at the same time. Plus, being used for the precise advertisements….
      Few days ago, I searched Black Octopus sounds on the internet and now I’m getting ad of Black Octopus everywhere… On every web page I visit, on my personal instagram account, in every app i use….
      That’s the marketing!!..
      There are no different companies like Google, Facebook, or Bing. Everyone is one…. All are after profit!!!

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  4. I’ve been wanting to comment on this one since I first saw it. This has been a huge rant of mine for ages, even more so since I got my degree in Cyber Security.

    Facebook and other social media platforms get the spotlight anymore, but there are tons of other sources. Google is by far the worst. Everything they do is data mining, and they save the info forever an on ever growing network of archival servers. Google searches, emails, Google TV patterns, who you call with google voice, everything you do in google docs and store on their cloud…

    Any electronic device is getting that bad anymore. Smart TVs track your viewing and have cameras built into some of them also. Phone aps… read the permissions and be afraid. Ever wonder why that flashlight app needs access to your phone and call records, and browsing history?

    Instead of just throwing up your arms, we all need to be lobbying governments to put a stop to this crap.

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    1. Just a couple weeks ago, I read the related article on Quora which made me to write this post and I was planning for Monetization with Adsense, but a few information and uncomfortable feelings have stopped me to choose the path. You all know this and even more than that article. Google is a Giant and the whole world have become something like that now it is DEPENDENT on the internet, specifically on Google. Our lives are dependent. So they’re taking advantages as much as they can. And look!!!….
      Today, our personal relationships aren’t safe even.
      You know what I think!!?…
      The world is slowly turning to the state when there was extreme chaos on the earth. Injustice with people and misery all around…….
      And the Kings were looting the public.
      But this time,
      Everything will be in modern style….
      Thanks a lot for reading this article and sharing your knowledge over here. That’s what I want from my readers!!! πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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  5. Hahahaha…. Privacy is an illusion for sure… It depends on individual to share or not share but they forget they give out everything to social media in the name of technology and that’s bitter truth..

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    1. Yeah bhai….
      Sahi kaha….
      By the way, did you check my next post with a proof that There’s no privacy??…
      Woh bhi parh lena…
      Ye Mark Zuckerberg bahut khatarnaak admi hai bhai…😐..

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  6. There’s no more privacy on the internet, lol. Everything we do can and will be tracked. I guess it’s only up to us to determine what data we’d like for them to get. (Like turning off your location on your phone and social media. Not putting your number on any social media platform) When it comes to your friend who you’ve asked the number, maybe they don’t know their number is on Instagram? Believe it or not, some people do not know that they put their personal information out there. Just my two cents… πŸ™‚

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    1. Actually, when a person starts to use the internet, he automatically gets involved in the system. Further, if he makes an account on let’s say Facebook, then BANG!!.. it’s all over. Your information have been exposed and after that even you turn off location of your phone, they still know where you are… Because the location feature in our phone is also a deceit. (anyone with a good knowledge about networking and stuff can easily track your phone)..
      Maybe she didn’t!..
      But how’s that possible.. At least we know about our own profile that what is public and what is not!!!!… 😟
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts over here Kat…


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