Privacy Price – 20 $ per month

In my last post, I claimed that there’s no privacy on the Internet. You can check out that post here. Now, in this post, I have come with a proof that indeed, there’s no privacy on the Internet.

We all heard almost a year back that Facebook disclosed a million users’ personal data to third parties (not the first time though). But this time, they are not exposing but stealing and storing the users’ data.

Mark and company is using a VPN app called ‘Facebook Research’ which spies on every single activity of the users. This application gives Facebook the absolute access to the device’s network data, which normally means every single activity done on device. Though, this program is referred as ‘Project Atlas’ in company’s documentation. (I don’t know why!!. πŸ™„)

By this Project Atlas, Mark Zuckerberg is able to analyze all of your activities you do on the internet and even what are your habits, plus information about other apps (Facebook’s competitors) that how often and for what you use them. This program is designed for the users aged between 13 to 35 because it’s easy to target this age group.

Now, here comes the interesting part. Facebook compensates the users for signing up on the app. They also have a referral program which gives an opportunity to earn more.

How much they compensate?

Well, 20 $ per month to each user. That’s it. They set a price for privacy. (Really cheap na!!)

For twenty dollars, teens without brains give out all of the personal information and secrets to Mark Zuckerberg. (including the screenshots of the Amazon orders, one of the tasks in the app)


So what you are thinking now?……

I’m thinking that soon the time will come when you breakup with someone, on the next day, you will see an advertisement on your phone “Find a perfect life partner on” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

So, if you are using Internet in your daily life, your secrets are in the air for 24×7 hours open to everyone.

That’s all for now!

By the way, how I know this piece of information? Check out the Source post.

If you are aware, please share your opinions regarding this issue in comments.

Thank you for reading!

B. M.


  1. I not so bothered that Facebook or Google is tracking me to make their services better but I would be upset if somehow they release my info to the public :), I wouldn’t want people to look me up or see who I am with, or where I go for lunch.

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  2. Yup. That’s the thing, right? It’s terrifying and horrific. And all my dirty laundry is already out there. So what more is there to lose, right? Well… my family.. my husband… my children… my sanity… That’s for sure.
    Oh fuck hey, I’m about to cry right now. Hah… I wish I could just walk away, but would that make me a coward? Yes. So I remain…

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