LIGHT || Involvement in Rhythm ||

So how we get automatically involved in a specific Rhythm going on continuously around us?

In hypnotism, the pair of eyes of the volunteer glued at one point where one action is repeating continuously but creates a more complicated illusion than it what really is. Eventually, the person gets totally mesmerized and lost control over his mind and actions and reactions of it. Thus, he becomes the thrall of the Rhythm.

In case of the mundane Rhythm, this is the same old story of hypnotism. From your childhood, you’re seeing that the parents are going to work every day and every day, they return to the home and spend some time with you. They enjoy weekends of course. As you have been observing this since you were a child, your brain tells you that whatever they are doing, you also should do that. I can’t elaborate the much reason that why it happens, I can just say that this is the complicated design of our mind and complicated for me to explain as well. That’s one of the aspects that how our surroundings affect the brain and mind functions and decisions.

One thing here must be clear that any Rhythm does not enter in our life or the mind get hypnotized to, directly. It starts with the observation. The best part of children is that they are the world’s best observers. Whatever they observe, they get involved in it. Because of the lot of observation and calculation, they become the part of that community by which they are surrounded.

As the mind is used to with observation, so whenever he has to take any important decision like taking a study, applying for a job or possibly related to a complicated relationship, he starts to look around and discover the possible steps that could be taken by observing the others that how they handle with such diversions or dilemma. For sure, this thing affects his decision, thoughts, and perspectives. Then whatever the decision is, it is due to any Rhythm that already has been following by others and he becomes the member of it as soon as he takes the decision.


That’s how we get involved in a Rhythm…..

Does this article hold a solid point?…

What’s your opinion on the Involvement in Rhythm??…

Please share your respected views in the comments. We’ll discuss it with more profundity.

Thank you!

B. M.


  1. Yeah I get what you are saying. I do believe though, that I probably wouldn’t live like my parents. Nothing against them but my personality is completely different. But yeah good post anyways πŸ–€πŸ’”πŸ’œ xx

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  2. I feel in today’s time it’s not necessary that you want your kids to follow your footsteps, every person has his or her individual identity…parents can guide but final decision should be taken by individual alone, what they want to do with their life.

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    1. That’s Right.
      And this should be…..
      But the point is the observation power of the children….Even, If nobody interfere in their life, but still their decisions will be affected by the atmosphere and the Rhythms of the people around them…
      Thanks much for stopping by here.. πŸ™‚β€


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