LIGHT || Destructive Rhythm ||

A Rhythm is defined as what is happening continuously at the same speed in exactly the same manner.

Look around yourself and see the people and observe them. They have almost a constant routine and a Rhythmic life. Probing it more further might be you’d suddenly realize that the whole world is a massive Illusion. Nothing’s going on. The people are living but in a rhythm, makes the planet just constant and doubting its existence. Isn’t it interesting?….

Whatever we observe constantly, we think that it exists and has a solid ground and roots. Our conscious mind tells that ‘this is Life’. Thus, we take the Life as a ‘Race’. That’s how the definition and the sub-definitions of it have formed “Life’s an endless Race.” It’s endless because a Rhythm does not have any end. It starts from where it ends.

Afterward, we build several concepts, definitions, ideas, and even hypothesis on the basis of what our mind tells us. And here we go!!…..

We become the competitors and opponents of each other.

That’s how we developed the Giant Rhythm in which we all are dancing today. That’s how we developed the situations, feelings, and states like Anxiety, Depression, Jealousy, Hate, Negativity, Emptiness, Cleverness, Greed and so on. These are the components of this machine on which we run.

Unfortunately, all people are not sharp as much as their diligent mind. It is possible that people had had full control over their foxy minds in ancient time because they wouldn’t go to their office by Mercedes and drink a Starbucks Cup of Coffee sitting in their luxury cabin accoutred with digital devices of Apple Inc and attend hundreds of meetings per month. Rather they do the things like Focusing, Meditation, and diving deeper in mind. In short, as the world is growing older, the dwellers are losing control over their mind and want the things just controlled by an On/Off switch. The world is getting worst because our minds are becoming more stronger than us. We will see the original power of a human being’s mind on the last day of this planet when it’ll burst out from the bodies and get freed for the destruction to make the planet as hell.

So that’s the short version of the functioning and Rhythm of our mind. It starts from a very basic loop and eventually turned into a wrecking ball.


To be continued….

So what are your views regarding this article??..

Please share them and start a discussion on this topic.

Thank you!

B. M.

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