LIGHT || Life in a Rhythm ||

Once you hooked up to a Rhythm, then your life starts to change dramatically. After the involvement in a rhythm, the person becomes the part of the community and now he has to walk along all the way. Rhythm is a consistent thing, so every single part of it is already fixed.

In a Rhythm, you walk along. In a Rhythm, you take decisions according to the path. In a Rhythm, your thinking changes. In a Rhythm, you become happy. In a Rhythm, you face the situation like Anxiety, Depression, and Diversion. In a Rhythm, you get angry at a fixed point. In a Rhythm, you blame the others and God or possibly you for the decision you have taken. In a Rhythm, you run for the materialistic things. In a Rhythm, you break the relations and regret after. In a Rhythm, you jump from Positivity to Negativity or Vice Versa. In a Rhythm, you live your whole life and In the same Rhythm, you die out and leave.

That’s the story of a Rhythm and the life concealed in it.

The whole world is going in a Rhythm and will abolish in a Rhythm. ‘Cause we are……..

Chained to the Rhythm.


What’s your Rhythm of Life??….

Are you enjoying it or unhappy with your decision??….

Let’s share in the comments…πŸ€—πŸ€—β€

Thank you for Reading!

B. M.

9 thoughts on “LIGHT || Life in a Rhythm ||

    1. We will always be in the Rhythm,
      No matter how we live and the decisions we take…..
      Because the whole life of the Universe is moving in a Rhythm…
      Thank you so much for your comment and time….


  1. Yeah rhythms can be good or bad high or low but people roll with them. It is sometimes confusing but I dunno. This always reminds me of the song Chained to the Rhythm lol. Also is this a series?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Well, this is a Series and it’s the final post of the series. Chained to the Rhythm song is the Inspiration behind this Series… After all, that is a Message Song….
      Thank you for spending time over here…..

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