LIGHT || Life in a Rhythm ||

Once you hooked up to a Rhythm, then your life starts to change dramatically. After the involvement in a rhythm, the person becomes the part of the community and now he has to walk along all the way. Rhythm is a consistent thing, so every single part of it is already fixed.

In a Rhythm, you walk along. In a Rhythm, you take decisions according to the path. In a Rhythm, your thinking changes. In a Rhythm, you become happy. In a Rhythm, you face the situation like Anxiety, Depression, and Diversion. In a Rhythm, you get angry at a fixed point. In a Rhythm, you blame the others and God or possibly you for the decision you have taken. In a Rhythm, you run for the materialistic things. In a Rhythm, you break the relations and regret after. In a Rhythm, you jump from Positivity to Negativity or Vice Versa. In a Rhythm, you live your whole life and In the same Rhythm, you die out and leave.

That’s the story of a Rhythm and the life concealed in it.

The whole world is going in a Rhythm and will abolish in a Rhythm. ‘Cause we are……..

Chained to the Rhythm.


What’s your Rhythm of Life??….

Are you enjoying it or unhappy with your decision??….

Let’s share in the comments…πŸ€—πŸ€—β€

Thank you for Reading!

B. M.


    1. We will always be in the Rhythm,
      No matter how we live and the decisions we take…..
      Because the whole life of the Universe is moving in a Rhythm…
      Thank you so much for your comment and time….


  1. Yeah rhythms can be good or bad high or low but people roll with them. It is sometimes confusing but I dunno. This always reminds me of the song Chained to the Rhythm lol. Also is this a series?

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    1. Well, this is a Series and it’s the final post of the series. Chained to the Rhythm song is the Inspiration behind this Series… After all, that is a Message Song….
      Thank you for spending time over here…..

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