|| Racism, People and Government ||

Every individual belongs to a specific community of people who are different in the aspects of religions, rites, and cultures from the others. Though we all are humans, but we have a different tribe to follow. Humanity is divided into millions of subcategories further on the basis of religions and traditions. Each division has developed and developing themselves in every aspect by every possible way. In each of them, there is one single character which recognizes them as different from each other. In other words, a square of people dominates in a single thing, which makes them notable for that thing and stereotypes them somehow. For instance, Dubai is known for its bizarre, modern and crazy infrastructures while China and Japan are known most for technical gadgets and technology.


Obviously, there are also some emotional and philosophical things in the community apart from the materialistic and mundane circumstances. Along with them, some certain troubles go hand in hand and try to disgrace and halt the progression of societies. Unemployment, Crimes, Natural tragedies, Cast conflicts are responsible for such damage. Excluding tragedies, who has to be accounted for the other mentions?

Any society is run by two groups of people. One is the people who build up that society and the second one is the people who provide every possible facility to the former ones. The latter group is known by a popular term that is, ‘The Government’. When the dwellers face any problem they ask the Government to fix it, for what they are intended to. It is clear that there is a large number of people living in that particular area, a nation and so the Government’s works. They can once clean the streets and provide the dustbins there. After that, they won’t go there to pick up the wrappers of Frito lays aired by group one people. If there’s a ‘Wrapper Clutter’ on the sidewalks, then the Governments are completely faultless for this situation as they provided the facility, but unfortunately muddled up by to whom it was given. Thus, a standard individual can’t say that the government does not care. If he is really disappointed, then why don’t he pick up all the wrappers and throw them in the municipality truck? He will not be sentenced to death by the government by doing so.

He has a right to criticize, who has a heart to help.

– Abraham Lincoln.

If the government is too busy to solve your problems, then come forward and do it by yourself. That requires Unity what most of the societies lack in today’s world. This is the leading reason why the cultures are wriggling to get rid of the troubles like unemployment, crimes, and overpopulation. Government is neither good nor bad. It is the people who make the nation good or bad, who make the nation proud or ashamed, who make the nation remarkable or average. Authorities are also not made up of machines but people. It’s on the thinking, it can create the problems, or it can abolish the problems. What kind of thinking is dominant, the nation becomes accordingly. There are not at all any obstacle in the growth of the world, if an American is the friend of an Indian, a Canadian has sympathy for a Pakistani, a Russian thinks that China isn’t bad. Unfortunately, the friendly scenarios have become the hopeless dreams and the world is soaring to the scenario of its sinking.

What do you think about the today’s societies and governments?

Drop your thoughts in the comments…🙂

Thank you for reading!

B. M.


  1. I totally agree with many points you raised, especially your statement, “If the government is too busy to solve your problems, then come forward and do it by yourself.” Here’s to unity! Here’s to appreciating our diversity! ❤️🦋🌀


  2. It’s a great post.The authorities are made up of people not machines, the society is made of people only! Change in the mindset of each and every people is a way to change these situations in our country.Not all can be warriors, if the worries even co-operate with the warriors would be of great help to them!


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