|| A unique way to deal with depression and anxiety ||

The blogs related to anxiety are getting popular nowadays because the anxiety itself is getting popular in almost every human mind. Since the last few decades, the speed of life gets wings and become too fast to handle for many people. As a result, they become easily anxious about the future events of their life even if they won’t happen ever.


Reasons for anxiety –

Anxiety and depression belong to the same branch of demons and do have a potential to knock down a human mind completely. There can be several reasons for the prevalence of these two varying from people to people. The most common reasons are –

Stress on work


Lonely Feelings

Financial problems

Relationship problems

Since I have a quite different perspective, so have the approach to a different reason for anxiety. According to my personal opinion, lack of patience is the major reason to boost the anxiety. Why it is major ?……..Well, I have an explanation –

On whatever stage we have been right at the moment, only the time is the proof of that stage. Time is the proof of our existence, so our life situations’. Everything changes with respect to time. Nothing remains the same. Experiences like intense anxiety and depression are just the phases of time and manifesting us their existence in our life. They remind us that life is the greatest variable in the universe. A life resembles millions of experiences that happen with a human being. It then becomes difficult for a human mind to admit that every experience has an equal share in life and it is already supposed to happen, especially in the bad experiences like of anxiety, mental illness or negativity. Thus, it keeps losing the patience and the way to live life normally.


Moreover, the impatience is common in all of the other anxiety reasons. Stress at work and hopelessness are the common stages of life, but become the legit reasons for anxiety when a person stops to trust on time and become impatient to get rid of the situation.

black and white black and white depressed depression
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Common ways to deal with anxiety among people –

There are a few ways to curb up the anxiety popular among the people. The whole internet itself is stressed with these ways (lol), as they’re recommended in millions of posts and eventually become popular among the audience. Those are –

1. Meditation

2. Yoga and deep breathing

3. Daily exercise

4. Pay attention to hobbies

The most and most popular are the first two. You can find them in every article related to the ways to reduce anxiety. Maybe it works for a lot of people and they also recommend them further.

10 to 15 minutes meditation a day is certainly beneficial for your health if you do it with full attention and dedication. Yoga and deep breathing makes your blood flow better and release the chemicals like serotonin which regulates your mood. However, anxiety or depression is not due to the imbalance of chemicals in your body. Doing something you like and enjoy the most also helps to reduce anxiety to an extent.

But I am here to add another solution to beat up the anxiety or an alternative of the above if in case they didn’t work for you. I personally believe that it is the best way to keep yourself away from depression and anxiety and use this in my own life also. For me, it is one and the only solution to all the mental health problems like anxiety, depression, bipolar or whatever the sh*t. I think it can work for every single human regardless to age or gender. It can might sound weird or awkward to you, but it is better to do something awkward than to suffer from anxiety.

Well, the solution is………..Do masturbate or have sex with your partner whenever you feel anxious.

couple love bedroom kissing
Photo by Stokpic on Pexels.com

Girls might have fled away from this blog post now…..πŸ˜‚…and called me a sleazy blogger even. But whoever calls me whatever, I don’t mind. All I request is to please try this method once to restrict your anxiety. I challenge you, it will definitely work for both genders.

In my case, I further develop this method by integrating it with my hobbies. For a short period of time, let’s say a week, give time to your hobbies and be a little erotic. You’ll be absolutely fine. πŸ˜‰

It may seem inapt or awkwardly uncomfortable to you that how can you make a way to bed pleasure through heavy headed anxious thoughts regarding your personal issues ?……To eliminate this feeling, you have to be emotionally strong and slightly ignite your wishing mind to balance your own mental health. You must feel thirsty for sexual desire and embrace yourself. Most importantly, lose yourself and let yourself flow in the moment (just like you do in meditation). This can work for you wonderfully.

In the end, I will like to conclude that whatever the way you go with, it totally depends on you to get rid of the mental health problems. Your own wish and desire are most important. Just reading online articles or watching videos will give you nothing but the more blue light effect for your eyes. The execution is the key to success. Any other human can’t really help you as much as you yourself can do. Keep exploring yourself, know more about your thoughts and thinking. You will never be anxious about anything…πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading!

B. M.

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