|| The past is becoming future of the earth. Here’s how ||

Take a moment from your hectic schedule of life and try to observe what’s been happening around you. Take a look at your hanging clock on the wall. The time is moving so fast and it seems that your life has been passed in just a nick of time. Maybe you would be lost in recalling your own chapters of life. But hey wait!!!!….

There’s an illusion.

The clock you’re looking at is lying to you that the time is going forward. Actually, it’s rewinding……At least a research believes.

Since the 1800s, we humans have reversed a natural, long-term cooling trend that goes back at least 50 million years. And all it took us, according to the study, was two centuries.

The earth is going back to its past since the year 1800. It indicates that whatever was happened to the earth in the past, will happen to her again. Since every living creature has its own life cycle and the earth itself resembles the whole creatures’ life. Thus she’s a living creature too and has a life span.

The research further states that if the climate remains unchecked, then in the year 2150, it will match with the climate of 50 million years old earth from now. It was then almost ice-free and so much warm to live.

Let’s assume that the time has come and it has been happened on the earth. Now if we study the life cycle of the earth, then it’s pretty much like a human being life cycle. Take a look at the life circle of humans below –

sand clock color

If you notice, the first and last stage is quite similar in size, however with several changed properties.

A human being starts his life with somewhere two feet in length. As he grows older, the size increases gradually. But at one point in his life, the bones start to shrink and the height becomes short and at the closing days of life, the height may be decreased at least one third from the peak point of length.

The human becomes almost a kid at the old age. Just he has a lot of memories of his life, while a child does not.

Now compare this life with earth’s lifespan. The earth was a fireball in the beginning. It cooled down in million years. Then life started to appear on it. But after several ages, the temperature starts to rise again at a very steady speed. It continued until it has become inadequate for life to exist there because the earth has completed its life circle. Now a new earth will form again. An other human being, in case of the former one.

So the cycle is designed in a pretty much similar fashion regardless the events happen in both. In case of human, first, he burns in the fire of womb for nine months. Then start to observe the things around him. Create his memories and life and burned again or buried in the end. The earth also creates her memories by nurturing the life within her and burns in the end.

The climate of the earth is rapidly changing from last few decades and increasing the global warming effect. Although, today we have the most advanced technology in every field, but it gifted equal disfavor in the form of climate change proving the Newton’s third law of motion exactly true. The abundance of Carbon groups, chlorofluorocarbons and various oxides are diminishing the power of Ozone and allowing some noxious beams coming from the sun to spread on the green planet. This may result in the inflammation of the planet within a hundred years considering the speed of the human activities.

So should we deem that the end of the earth is coming closer and we are one of the last few generations of the earth ? Should we believe that our clocks are hallucinating us by moving in the forward direction ? If it happens so, would the whole process be repeated again to bring the life back ?

The answers of these questions can be told just with the assumptions and predictions. The time will be the victim of this coming past future of the earth and we will know if we were right in the year 2018.

What are your views regarding this topic ? What do you believe regarding our earth’s future ? Kindly share your views if you care about the planet.

Thanks for reading !

Reference – https://www.firstpost.com/tech/science/earths-climate-by-year-2150-will-compare-to-warm-weather-50-million-years-ago-5714821.html

B. M.

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