|| Here’s how parents’ mutual relationship affects the child ||

If you ask me a question that who is the best observer in the world?… I would certainly refer to a child of age around 6 to 7 years who has the best observatory in his brain, one of its own kind. Normally at 6, he starts to improvise the things he understands in either way. But the very first step in improvising is the ‘Observation’ which he starts as soon as he opens his eyes the first time to see the world.

We all say that children are innocent and it really is true because they’re neutral in childhood. That is they neither understand what is good and what is bad and where’s no dualism, innocence resides there. Children just focus to observe the things happening around them. Children have only one work to do in childhood, and that is ‘Observation’. Do they have any office or a business to handle? Or any household works?… I don’t think so.

Now we have understood that children are observing labs and they’re supposed to administer them. One drawback of these labs is this that they can’t understand what is good and what is bad, what to observe and what to not. They take it as a whole. So whatever around them, straightly goes into the lab directories to fill out the empty space of data to generate an operating system.

One of the most observed thing in their mind is the behavior of people towards each other and towards them. Here people is referring to the parents, family members, neighbours or relatives. Their future thinking is more influenced by the kind of people inhibiting around them than anything else. It is clear that most of time, only parents hover over their radar and continuously followed by them. Here we touch an interesting and apparently most important thing of parenting. The behavior of parents.

If you believe that the behavior of parents towards children matters only, then may be you are looking from only one perspective. The mutual behavior of parents is also monitored by offsprings with equal attention they give to other things. I already explained above that kids have a powerful system of observation, so they observe every single thing regardless to good or bad. Thus, your relationship quality.

Parents who always talk with each other aggressively, rebuke each other, and sometimes fight, their children are more likely to be fearful, stressed introverts and anxious about little things. The reason is that their mind is been continuously processing the stressful situations related information for so long. It is the type of information for which they’re not ready yet but victimising the scenarios. Even though they’re still unable to figure out the difference between good and bad, but a natural intuition tells them that something’s not going right. In simple words, tensed situations tense up the kids’ mind and squeeze their mental growth.

On the other side, if the parents have a loving relationship with each other and the same towards their child, then the offspring develops his thinking and morals more efficiently. It saves him from terrible mental problems being faced in childhood and teenage. The calm stress free atmosphere around him helps him to develop his mind and body functions more. In just his childhood, he starts to understand the importance of love in life and this important virtue starts to shine even in childhood.

The home is the first school and the parents are the first teacher of a little one. The atmosphere of his home is syllabus of his studies. It’s totally up to the parents that how they want to see their grown offspring and what they want them to be. The quality of surrounding is completely in their hands.

In most of the cases, they’re simply unaware about their child’s growth and do not think at all that what they’re doing, how can it affect his own kid’s growth. It’s not here the fact that they’re uneducated or educated. They may either. The point is, are they aware about their own actions and the consequences ?…They can, if they’re educated. They can, if they’re uneducated even. So, school education or qualification or high living standard of parents doesn’t matter at all. Only the moral education and understanding matters here.

An educated pair’s child can be a stressed face and an uneducated pair’s child can be a spring face. If parents are uneducated, that’s okay. But they are capable to understand the importance of their mutual behavior in their child’s life and can become aware about the future results.

Some parents may have a conception that it’s not gonna affect the little ones, because they’re little ones so they won’t take it seriously. And when they become older, they will understand it and everything will be normal.

Always Remember ! Your child is an observatory machine. He has started observing and storing information since the day he born. And the things he observes in the little age, will always be remembered and fresh in his mind.

It’s a big misconception. It has to be broken immediately. Parents must have to snap themselves back into the reality and understand the meaning of love. If they would love each other, their children would also love them. Giving each other divorce will do nothing, but deject your own blood. It will only encourage the anxiety, the fear, the hate and the mental instability in coming generations and spread the weirdness and negativity all around.

So, if you haven’t considered this fact in your parenting style, you’re making a big hole in your child’s nourishment. Think about it now ! The time is still there. It’s once gone, can never be reversed. There’s nothing important than your own blood’s nourishment. Just a little ignorance in your parenting can severely affect your child’s whole life, but just a little awareness can save him from a heap of mental problems in life. It’s upto you !

Thank you for reading !

B. M.

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