Importance of Lust in teenage.

Running in a Marathon of 10,000 meters for a contestant who has not ever been participated in 1000 meters obviously would not be a piece of cake. It may be easy for him if he is used to with athletics. Trying to jump 100 meters high would be off the hook. It is more relevant if you do this with the help of inclined stairs step by step, one step at a time.

In both the examples, one thing is common. Either of them cannot be done in a single pair of day and night. Practice makes the perfect and practice takes the time and demands a lot of patience. Sometimes, it could be years, like in case of sexual intercourse. Making love on the bed sounds so sexy and easy but this sound is far away from the real frequencies. It also resonates with the rule of practice of Nature being a natural engagement. However, it is slightly different from the other practices that the main intercourse is not practiced ever before it is done for the first time. This makes it so interesting. Actually, there is a number of stages which follows the main intercourse. Those stages have to be mastered one by one. The more spicy fact is that it is not a perceived process, It is automated by Nature for every individual. So the humans do not have to think about it much that how would they do this with their partner, even though a lot of become nervous in the night.


Being lustful is the most important and mandatory need for every individual if he wants to enjoy the pleasure of Orgasm. It’s God gifted and starts to thrive in teenage, although they are present in the brain since childhood. This is the age when two sexes start to feel the attraction between each other. This is the first stage and probably most important to reach the final destination. Lustful thoughts are necessary for both the sexes at teenage. They are helpful in making things easy. In between, the masturbation is also necessary in teenage. Not only for boys, even for girls also. Genders usually start masturbation when they are about to enter the teenage (10-12 years). It is the practical thing which really keeps them close to the main intercourse. They practice it from childhood to adulthood until they have a partner. Keeping it short here, masturbation is the backbone of all the stages and also it keeps the brain free from stress and depression.


During teenage, the progression of two becomes real and fast as they will have entered the adulthood in a few years. These two leading elements along with some other minor things prepare a human being enough to be able to do sex at 19 or 20. Sometimes, teenagers develop their sex health enough that they can do this at the age of 17 or 18.

Lustful thoughts drive everyone to do masturbation. Lustful thoughts drive them to do sex. Similar to all the other actions, this action also starts in the mind first. It is exceptional to observe that how nature prepares the living beings to multiply further and produce countless lives. It is her method to keep the existence of creatures alive with time. The plays of nature make the world a wonderful place to live and an adequate place for life to grow!

Thanks for reading!

B. M.

2 thoughts on “Importance of Lust in teenage.

  1. Well, this is interesting. I think your heart is in the right place, but there is something off with the post. I would explain at length but I will cut it short. Lust is one cause of rapes happening in our country. And I read that you are a “patriotic” person. In lieu of that, perhaps lust might be natural, one needs to maintain control. And especially in teenagers.I get that you are a teenager, but lust is not important for a teenager. Like I said, it is natural, but attraction sounds like a more appropriate word to lust. Just, my opinion.

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