|| Mind Clutter ||

When you start to act according to the other people’s opinions, concepts, quotes, and philosophies, you may get an unwanted, unneeded and unexplained trouble with your mind. I wanted to illustrate this simple yet complicated thing by an example or some other means. Recently, I discovered a way to simplify it to make the people understand this. So, here’s my effort –

You might be heard already this popular quote about dreams –

“You are the greatest obstacle in your greatest dreams.”

Now let’s take a common human being admitting this quote. Then he takes it as “Push yourself beyond the limits (obviously a lot of hard work for mind and body).” Now he starts to do the same and realize that he’s hurting himself with enough hard work. Here comes another Ideology – “Always love yourself and do whatever you like.” Now he starts to act according to this phenomena and left the hard work routine and do what he loves the most- the sleep.  Here comes another ideology in action – “Don’t be limited to yourself, help other people also as you belong to Humanity.” Now he’s trying to make some balance as he’s loving himself and loving and helping the other people too. But then people start to overuse him and perceiving him as a fool as he’s so simple and helping the people without any reason (as it usually happens in the beginning). Here’s the self-esteem starts fluctuating and he’s shifting towards the negative axis. But he heard from the people that – “Stay always positive.” Then someone like me spins another spell that – “Positivity is Imperfect without Negativity.” 


After hearing and reflecting upon all these ideologies, certainly, he becomes frustrated, disturbed, low self-esteemed, and hopeless. But still, the people never leave him alone and whisper the messages like – “This too shall pass, be patient.” As he’s so numb and silent, sentences rain on him like – “Raise your voice.” But at the same time, it is defended by another bullet – “Work hard in silence, let success be your noise.” Just Imagine a situation like this, what would your own steps to be taken?

It’s actually not the fiction, this is the real scenario of every one of us. That’s why situations like anxiety, peer pressure, disturbness of mind, and clutter in mind occur. Every suggestion or action towards us of people changes our mindset in one way or another. Obviously, Change is necessary in mind, but there’s a lot of difference in fickleness and flexibility.

To put it in a nutshell, summarising all the complicated phenomena, I want to say one simple thing – “Don’t kill yourself by giving attention to people’s eyes. It’s a death being alive.”

Thanks for reading!

B. M.


6 thoughts on “|| Mind Clutter ||

  1. Advice and opinions are good, but not all would fit you. Also, my most favorite advice or quote is “too much of anything is bad for you,” so I guess maybe mixing advice and opinions would be good, but just know when it’s already too much.


  2. Only do what make myself happy, cause I’m also so important for me… I mean we are so important to ourselves. So we should choose to make ourselves happy and self love is truly so important. So beautifully written. Thanks for sharing the knowledge my friend. Happy Sunday 😊🌸

    Liked by 1 person

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