|| What is Destiny ||

I’m sure about one thing that not all people believe in destiny but a large group does. The others may have the perception that ‘We create the destiny on our own.’ The point to be figured out is that “What exactly is the destiny ?” Do destiny creates us or we create the destiny?

Considering the concept of the former ones is that the LUCK exists. What is happening in the world is already predestined. Our destiny has already been written on our foreheads and no one can erase it. This kind of people generally is religious and believers. As I mentioned in the very first line that they believe in Luck because they often mix the concept of destiny with luck, however, a thin hair like line, divides these two ideologies and because of this clutter, their ‘Predestined Concept’ exists.

Luck is not destiny. Luck is something to what we don’t have access. We can’t do anything in luck. It makes us helpless, but it’s not the case with destiny. We create it. This is the philosophy of the second kind of people. They are positive about life and believe that they can change the destiny surpassing the believes of others.

If we believe that we create our destiny by ourselves, then the Predestined Concept no longer exists. So, would it be right to neglect the belief that destiny is already written? Or it is worthy to be considered?

In my opinion, both the concepts are true and considerable. More precisely, they are the branches of the concept of destiny itself. If you believe that you create the destiny on your own, then it is predestined for you. Further, If you go to buy a movie ticket even on time, but all the tickets got sold, then it is bad luck according to my ideology. The thing about which you’re not perceived that it is going to happen neither you’re involved in, is called ‘Luck’.

But the next phrase of this argument is even more interesting and problematic. Very basically, If you own life, then you’re involved in every single moment of it. So, there’s nothing in which you are not involved. This ideology disproves the above definition of ‘Luck’. Consider the same example of movie tickets. In that case, YOU decided to watch the movie and buy the ticket. By doing so, you initiated the process, thus you are involved now. Think so, If you wouldn’t have decided to buy the tickets, then it couldn’t have happened. The luck could be changed.

A slightly different point of view proves my own definition invalid about luck and again puts a question mark on the relationship between luck and destiny and all those concepts and believes of people. The question is really challenging and herculean. It’s a great topic to debate upon.

So how much do you agree with my perception and what is your own point of view regarding Destiny? Please let me know your opinions on this. I always appreciate your support for my writing. 🤗❤

Thanks for Reading!

B. M.

4 thoughts on “|| What is Destiny ||

  1. Hi!
    In the end of your post you talk about decisions. Some people think that their choices are free and depend on nothing. But is that so?
    I think that decisions are also predetermined.
    You have good thinking by the way!


  2. I think that there are things that we cannot control, which is pre-determined destiny. But we also have to initiate things most of the time, in which case we have more role in our destiny. So, it is not either this or that but it is both. Maybe in somewhat different domains.


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