A battle of Ego, Copyright law, and Nature

We all are living in a world where only papers are accepted and approved. The most fun part is that if you create something by yourself, you have to prove it that indeed, you have created this. Isn’t it weird?

What I’m talking about here is the Copyright rule and laws in simple words. I think everyone knows about this crappy law. You have to make papers of your work and proof by law that you are the creator or owner. A few months ago, I was really worried about this copyright thing that how will I handle this? What if someone steals my music or songs and register on his name? and so on blah blah blah…………… But I have changed a lot now, especially in last 3 or 4 months. My perception has totally transformed towards everything including this copyright thingy. I observed that everyone is clashed in this race. Everyone wants to prove it in every possible way that he indeed has created something. Not then, but now I’m understanding that this is the way of ego to perk up in the people’s mind. This law is nothing but a good way to raise the level of pride.

Suppose you have created a piece of music, your mind already starts to take pride in it that it has created something extraordinary and now this is his own, means yours. Now here comes the official law to claim this officially. Then how can your mind leave this golden chance to brighten up the feelings of pride?….. You are not actually driven by copyright law, you’re actually driven by your own mind, your own thoughts of ego.

This is the story of every person. People acclaim that this belongs to them, this belongs to them, they are the owner of it, this idea was mine, this photograph is mine, I made this painting, I wrote this song, and so on………….

But what if Nature herself says that the mind you’re using to create these things, belongs to her and she’s the owner of it?…….. Have you ever thought about this?

It’s right na?….. Nature has given you this powerful mind. Nature has given you this beautiful human body. What if she asks you directly that this belongs to her?….

I see everyone chanting around that this universe is created by God. He created all of us. Then tell me, why you say that this piece of music is yours? And this blog post is yours? This photography clicked in the lap of Nature is yours? This painting of a forest is yours? This idea of business is yours? This idea of going to church on Sunday was yours? This idea of becoming a real believer was yours? This idea of controlling your mind was yours? and this idea of having a baby, having a girl or a boy was yours? If this idea was yours, then tell me who is God?

Nature has created air through which the sound is heard. Nature has given the ability to understand the words. Nature has created this light through which you see everything. Nature has created all the colors. Nature has given the ability to think. Nature has created all the days and nights. Nature herself created her play. Nature has created this human mind. Nature has created life!

And what a human being has created?…………………….

A copyright law……………….

To tell Nature that humans are different from her. They have their own existence. An existence made with the walls of Egotism.

What do you think about this law of copyright and Nature? Let me know in the comments. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

B. M.

3 thoughts on “A battle of Ego, Copyright law, and Nature

  1. If you created something, and somebody took your creation and made a million dollars from it, and gave you nothing, I believe that you would be very angry, and then very sad. Nature created humans, and humans can sometimes be very unfair and dishonest. Copyright laws were made for the imperfect human, not nature.


  2. I think copyright laws are there to protect the item or the person who created the item, because if this item is indeed so powerful it could change the world and might be stolen by other people, then the original creator would be deprived of the benefits of being the original creator, that is, money and credit.

    However, I do agree with you. Some people have ego because they want to be known for what they did, but sometimes, it could be too much, or maybe they’re being too paranoid that people would steal their works even though that’s not the case. People are the creator of their own inventions, but nature may inspire them to create, not necessarily nature doing the creating itself. Other people around us may also inspire us and push us to create things, but it doesn’t mean they made the thing we created.

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