The concept of the Lamp

NOTE – This post was written in the month of November 2018, so read it according to that time! 😉

Just a few days ago, when the whole India was celebrating the ‘Festival of lights’ and illuminating the houses with beautiful lamps and electric colors, I also was doing the same on that evening. Suddenly, one of the lamps drew my attention in a moment, I saw it for a second, then all the rest of the lamps prompted my eyes to notice them at least for a blink. In a few seconds, the whole lamps and lights of the world and the whole stars of the universe snatched my focus and consciousness. Like they wanted to tell me a law of nature what is still undisclosed to me. On that evening, I come to know that unveiled law. It states, “If you light up a lamp, always the dark will produce on the other side.”


That’s how I come up with the idea of this post and titled it The concept of the Lamp. The thing which grabbed my attention on that evening was the burning wick of the homemade lamp. Nonetheless, It was enlightening the front side of the lamp, but on the opposite side, its own light was picturing the dark shadow of itself, which is really captivated my heart and encouraged me to contemplate on it. It’s the very nature of the universe that it manifests the dark within the light. The Sun illuminates one side of the earth while the half hemisphere lodges in the night. This gospel makes the universe, the universe, makes the life, life and makes us us.

As it is a universal truth, so every single living and non-living thing is subjected to this legal philosophy. You can also take the example of your own life. Life is given to you by the universe and it enlightened you and manifested you into a being, surely the bright side. But as you are obeying the law of the universe, the dark side has also arrived for you in the form of hardships, personal problems, anxiety, entanglements, desires, and instability of mind. So should you be afraid of the dark side? You want to live, you want the light, but do not want the dark produced by that light. Is it possible to happen what you want? Certainly, the universe would have lost its entity if it does.


In the second application of this concept, picture yourself in a scenario that you want to start a business of your own, but scared to lose your investment in the business in case of its failure. Or you want to educate the people about any specific subject, but apprehensive that they might misuse the knowledge. Are you able to take the steps forward confidently in both the situations?

People with a strong persistency usually do not have enough time to think about the negative sides of their positive impacts which keeps their mind positive every time. They move forward with the approach that having a lamp is way better than having a completely black night. 

The rule of nature is the rule forever. It can’t be modified or replaced. Longing to change the universal rule won’t help. Nobody is destined to change them. If you have given life, then certainly it will be two-phased.


If you profoundly analyze your life, you will notice that the darks and lights of your life go hand in hand. Just like a sine wave, a positive hemisphere followed by the negative one. This is how it is designed by nature. A morning comes after a night full of dark and night comes after a day full of light. The Universe itself has created the rule of duality due to which the two sides of each coin exist. The positive and negative, the good and bad, pleasure and pain, advantage and disadvantage, and all those worldly things known by us.

Taking one step further into this principle, one thing has to be pointed out that dark exists, IF AND ONLY IF the light is produced and the dark itself cannot produce the light. This means that the light is the source of the existence of dark. Just think about those Diwali lamps. As soon as they lit up, a small black shadow came into existence just right back of the wick of each of them. If you put the above statement in a context, then it heaves a very remarkable question again and extends the debate to the further level. What was there before lighting up the lamps? At one glance, this pop up seems to completely dismiss the ideology until the perspective is changed. Think for a moment that all the light from the Universe has gone. What is left behind according to your presumption?……. The standard answer of the people would be ‘the dark’. But it’s still an assumption, not a complete gospel because it has never ever happened yet. It can also happen that the universe would be no longer exist and come into its natural state which is constant and zero. Another possibility is that the whole universe could turn into an enormous white ball filled with an immeasurable light. The third possible outcome may still unaccounted to us.


If either of those two possibilities happens, one thing is obvious that that light or dark will not be the same we know about them in today’s world. The higher chances are that it would be something unacquainted which would likely to change the definitions of lights and shadows.

The day is full of light and bright and the night is full of dark and black. That’s what we all know yet ignoring the fact that there can be much more in nature apart from the basic point of view.

On the basis of our so far knowledge, perspectives, thinking and theories about nature and life, it can be briefly said that the light and shadow are actually the phases of one coin and that coin is the source of existence of both of them. That coin may be is the energy, the celestial light, the universe itself or maybe that power what is known to us as “The God”.

Thanks for reading!

B. M.


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