“It depends” – The answer to everything!

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Recently, I have come across a really interesting concept while deliberating about the other areas of life. It’s only two words in total but I believe this is the true answer to everything……………. “It depends”

Yeah, you read it right. It depends. If you think for a moment about these two words, you”ll find that they can be said as an answer to almost every question lingering in your mind about life. I’ll explain this in some detail in this post.

Starting with the silliest question of the world, “What is life?” Now if you ask this question to the people, you can get endless answers to this question, but the true answer, the basic, the simplest answer to this question is “It depends”. It depends on you how you see the life and what attitude do you have towards life.

Now we’ve got what is life, the another silly question is “what is happiness?” And again, “It depends”. It depends on what makes you happy and when you feel happy. The other person has nothing to say. Similar questions can be about self-love, Narcissism, Gratitude, Egotism, and Love and all this crap.

The next question I would like to consider here is “Who is God?” or “What is God?” It simply depends on your perception. He’s nowhere, he’s everywhere. It depends on you.

Apart from these questions, the more questions in your mind are related to yourself and your personal life or relationships. Questions like, Should you do this or not, Is it right or wrong, Is it okay to feel a little prideful? Should I choose this or that? should we break-up? Is it hard to get famous? Am I going in the right direction? What I have learned in life? Why my life is so stressful? Why I have anxiety?……. and so on….. (unlimited)

It all simply depends. It depends on you, it depends on other factors, it depends on where you live, it depends on what kind of people are living around you. It depends!

On my blog, I talk about a lot of things, a lot of concepts like destiny, racism, egotism, mental health, but it totally depends on you if you believe them or how you understand them. I can’t say to you that you should understand in this or see this thing from this point. It’s totally up to you.

Now, I will close this post by saying something like, please like and comment on this post.

But it depends on you. Like it, if you like it. Comment if you have something to share.

Likes and comments and even your blog followers, also depend  😉

I hope this post entertained you!

And this is the end of the series “Inside”. I hope you learned a thing or two. I posted this at the end of the series because this concept itself is the summary of everything. Everything depends. Whatever the questions you have, whatever the doubts you have in your mind, it all depends. Somehow, I’m indirectly saying is don’t seek anyone who would listen to your questions, sorrows, and troubles and offer you solutions. Because they can’t! They simply can’t…… It depends on you how you handle that shit…..

Thanks for reading!

B. M.


23 thoughts on ““It depends” – The answer to everything!

    1. Thanks a lot for reading!..❤❤
      Would love to connect with you on Instagram as well……
      My instagram is – @bmarshmellos


  1. Interesting premiss. I wonder if it’d work for people like me, who sometimes find making decisions difficult, but I suppose that too, depends 😉 (and it does).


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