Hi everyone, this is the author and founder of Bittermarshmellos.com. I am a 19 years old teenager from India. I’m a blogger and a music producer by profession. I started to follow my hobbies just after schooling and refused to further continue my studies. Well, I and my blog have a different and long story and I’m sharing it on my blog with the world.

ABOUT Bittermarshmellos –

Well, the blog covers a wide range of topics including formal style articles, casual style articles, articles about life and philosophy, articles related to psychology and mental health. Apart from articles, I also share Poems, Graphics, Photographs, and some fiction in one category. In the near future, I’m also thinking to add a music page on the blog so you could access my music direct from this site.

The articles are usually related to life, mental health and psychology and some extremely different topics with a typical perspective. You can also find some series in the categories cloud which includes a number of articles based on the same theme. My two personal favorite series are here –



Well, it started suddenly, incidentally and on the top of it, in a lot of frustration. It started in February 2018 and at that time I was in a long distance relationship with a beautiful girl. Everything was going well between us except one thing. She would prompt me to come to Canada (where she went for further studies) by the student visa for which I have to clear an English exam called “IELTS”. But I didn’t want that. By nature, I’m a patriotic kind of person and I want to do something big being in my own country. This used to frustrate and divert me from one way to another and so on. The relationship was started in December and it was going on since then. But in February, I couldn’t resist myself and wanted to vent out my frustration somewhere else. Being an introvert, I hadn’t been opened to anyone except her so I didn’t have any friends to talk to. I had a knowledge about WordPress but hadn’t tried ever, so I created a small blog called “bittermarshmellos” and burst out the shit.🤣🤣……..

For details about IELTS issue and everything else you missed out here, head over to my very first series by click this image –

INFLUENCES (Name and Logo) –

The name “Bittermarshmellos” is influenced by a famous American DJ Producer, Marshmello. As he is one of my favorite DJ, so I picked this name. Also, the logo of bittermarshmellos is inspired by his helmet design. Instead of crosses, I used zeroes as eyes and a tinted neutral small, representing his uncheerfulness because of the adverse issues going on in today’s world.

Adobe_Post_20181207_094806[1]SCOPE –

I have a big scope for Bittermarshmellos. By sharing my knowledge on the internet, sharing all the talent I have, I want to make it one of the most recognized websites on the internet. As I’m also interested in Music, so I’m planning to launch my own music on the website in near future also.

Apart from this, more categories will be added on the website specifically in articles region, you will see more formal style articles based on the real issues of the world. In addition, Graphics and poems are coming on the way as the website grows with time.




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A typical introduction –

BitterMarshmellos share every kind of stuff here. Especially the issues that are almost ignored by the people, but they could drop a deep effect on them where they exist. The aim of this page is to reveal the bitterness behind the sweetness of marshmellos (Truths).