|| A unique way to deal with depression and anxiety ||

Experiences like intense anxiety and depression are just the phases of time and manifesting us their existence in our life. They remind us that the life is the greatest variable in the universe. A life resembles millions of experiences that happen with a human being.

Higher price, better value ?

The higher price is automatically linked to the better value by our brain when we see two different prices. It is designed in a way that it falls for the trick. The experiments and researches show that how important is our perception and also how it is changed by the simple tricks of numbers

|| Excuse me ||

Psychologists place excuse-making in the ‘self-handicapping’ category – that is, it’s a behavior we express that hurts our own performance and motivation. It serves as a distraction of sorts that prevents us from achieving the task, but it stems from a deeper, unconscious desire to protect ourselves (our Ego, if you asked Freud) against anxiety and shame