Lacking respect in a relationship won’t save you from a breakup

Respect is a core element of the foundation of not only love, but all sorts of relationships. Respect drives you to the virtue of acceptance. Respect secures and strengthens a relationship more than anything could do. A relationship without respect which spins around desire, lust, and selfishness is like a sad diamond in the crown. But what actually is the respect? How do we actually respect someone?

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I’m afraid to tell you that it surprisingly has turned out a “BIG” question for the world we’re living in. Paced routine without communication is enough to make you oblivious to the values, and such simple things which you learn on your own. Things are pretty misunderstood nowadays because of a sudden flip in perception.

Before start exploring this question’s answer to the deep, first let’s discuss the perceptions or definitions which are tagged as “Respect” today.

  • Respect is NOT just about saying that you respect.
  • Respect is NOT just about admiring the abilities and characteristics.
  • Respect is NOT about bowing down heads.
  • Respect is NOT about speaking less or quieter to the next person.
  • Respect is NOT about agreeing on every single thing without proper debate and discussion.

Respect is usually perceived as admiring the abilities and speaking to them soft and quiet. However, it is lot more than that and is one of the core elements of a healthy and strong bond.

Everyone wants to be respected. Everyone deserves it! Each of us have our own philosophies which must be appreciated. Especially in today’s time, when Instagram teaches Self love. You can imagine the the level of psychosis! Anyway, so what’s wrong with today’s relationships is that the respect they show to each other is usually just a “show off”! It’s the superficial respect. Respect just on the face, but within, it’s all about just self-interest or favors. A man can show some respect just because he’s in need of a girlfriend and have desires. A girl can show some respect, because she’s not financially stable yet and use up his boyfriend. The world is literally bitching!

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A time arrives when the same boy and same girl fling off the relationship and now want something genuine and “hope” to get respect from their partner. There we go! Karma hits back! And they never get what they hope for!

Though it is just the one scenario of many. In many cases, it is miscommunication and the feeling of ignorance. One another special scenario is the sense of fear. People tend to hook with someone so quickly, they become helpless to get over a relationship. No matter how violent or abusive it turns out! They fear to loose their partner. The one who fear may respect the other excessively but the next one find himself stuck and no longer respects the relationship. It might roil him up. Consequently, the relationship turns out to be abusive.

For narcissist partners, it’s even harder to respect anyone. It’s natural to disagree on some occasions, which should be perceived as natural. But for the narcissists, one little disagreement could hurt their ego so bad that they lose respect for their partner. It”s so much hard to be in a relationship with a narcissist.

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In my previous post, I explained COMPARING which is the another reason of breakup. Here I must include that Comparing is the proof that you are not respecting the thinking, concepts, preferences, choices, and opinions of your partner.

This is truth, you must admit it and if reading this hurting your ego, you probably are narcissistic person. Because that’s what the respect is about.

It’s about broadening your perspective to view others perspective. It’s about erasing your ego and embracing the world as whole. It’s about widening your thinking about the subjects. It’s about accepting the people as they are! It’s about acceptance!

Respect comes from within. You can’t push it. It’s a thread that binds all the pearls together of a relationship rosary. It leads to the rationality and clear definition of acceptance.

So what you’ve been taught about respect? Did you ever learn this topic in school? What’s your personal perception about respect?

Say something something in comments!

I’d be open for discussion!

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