|| Gigantic Network of Philosophical Concepts ||

Philosophy is just like a tree, you start to understand this from whichever point, In the end you will fall to its roots. The more spicy fact is that If you start to explore it from a little concept or definition, the rest of definitions and concepts will come under that single concept.

||Consistency can’t be Consistent. ||

The core point of the concept is that the Consistency itself is not hundred percent perfect. Everything changes with time. We all know that. The best way to be consistent in any particular thing is to make it a habit.

Slash | Self Love // Narcissism |

the Slash itself is a trap which deludes us with its white innocent bright light, which in fact is a mirage. We step forward towards this and cross the line and eventually, enter into the world of Narcissism in a hope that this phase would much happier place than the previous one.