|| What is Destiny ||

I'm sure about one thing that not all people believe in destiny but a large group does. The others may have the perception that 'We create the destiny on our own.' The point to be figured out is that "What exactly is the destiny ?" Do destiny creates us or we create the destiny? Considering … Continue reading || What is Destiny ||

|| Mind Clutter ||

When you start to act according to the other people's opinions, concepts, quotes and philosophies, you may get an unwanted, unneeded and unexplained trouble with your mind. I wanted to illustrate this simple yet complicated thing by an example or some other means.

LIGHT || Destructive Rhythm ||

Whatever we observe constantly, we think that it exists and has a solid ground and roots. Our conscious mind tells that 'this is Life'. Thus, we take the Life as a 'Race'. That's how the definition and the sub definitions of it has formed "Life's an endless Race."

LIGHT || Involvement in Rhythm ||

In hypnotism, the pair of eyes of the volunteer glued at one point where one action is repeating continuously but creates a more complicated illusion than it what really is. Eventually, the person gets totally mesmerized and lost control over his mind and actions and reactions of it.