LIGHT || Involvement in Rhythm ||

In hypnotism, the pair of eyes of the volunteer glued at one point where one action is repeating continuously but creates a more complicated illusion than it what really is. Eventually, the person gets totally mesmerized and lost control over his mind and actions and reactions of it.

|| My hobbies and Interests ||Section 2

After getting a good response to my previous post about hobbies and Interests, I decided to make up the second section of the same and explain all of my other hobbies. I hope you'd enjoy this as like as you did the first one. .... So here we go again -

Slash | Self Love // Narcissism |

the Slash itself is a trap which deludes us with its white innocent bright light, which in fact is a mirage. We step forward towards this and cross the line and eventually, enter into the world of Narcissism in a hope that this phase would much happier place than the previous one.