According to nature, If there's one thing is present, then the other is absent. If there's light, there's no dark. Only one thing can be present in a particular place. Either you are Narcissist or extremely negative person about yourself (Both are same) or you love yourself completely. One thing is present in you and one is absent. But the Focus inside you remains the same.

Formation | Introduction |

This series is related to the Slash series. Many bloggers showed enough interest and support for the Slash series and admired the concept. So I come up with the idea that in FORMATION, I will explain that how these terms form in our mind. Like.. Self love, Narcissism, Lust they're formed and what are their effects on our thought process ?...

Slash | Self Love // Narcissism |

the Slash itself is a trap which deludes us with its white innocent bright light, which in fact is a mirage. We step forward towards this and cross the line and eventually, enter into the world of Narcissism in a hope that this phase would much happier place than the previous one.